Big Wall & Portaledge I Luka Lindič

Big Wall & Portaledge

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of climbing big walls? Join us for an exceptional educational trip led by one of the most renowned alpinists Luka Lindič.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore longer routes or an experienced climber looking to hone your skills in detail, this experience promises unparalleled growth.

Learning and practicing many techniques up to sleeping in a portaledge on the rocks of Kompanj (Croatia) is the focus of this experience.

Number of participants: 8

What awaits you

Under the expert guidance of Luka Lindič and Jasna Bozič Dušić, you will be instructed in the following topics to gain knowledge and confidence on exposed walls.

  • The placement of mobile belays
  • Stand construction on the big wall
  • Material transport/ hauling
  • Jumars / efficient ascent on the rope
  • Rope techniques
  • Setting up/sleeping in the portaledge, cooking and eating with Lyo Food
  • Retreat from the wall and basic risk assessment/minimization content

Included in the price:

  • Daily big wall training and climbing together on the rocks of Istria with Luka and Jasna
  • Overnight stay incl. catering with delicious organic food from the region, also vegetarian or vegan on request (breakfast, healthy snacks at the climbing crag and dinner)
  • One night in the Portaledge
  • Lecture – The adventures of Luka Lindič on the big screen in the seminar room
  • Climbing talks and preparation planning with Luka Lindič for your next big goal (breakfast, healthy snacks at the climbing crag and dinner)
  • Idyllic Istrian landscape, lots of authentic nature, fresh air and tranquillity
    Culture if you are interested (visit to the old artists’ town of Motovun)
  • Cozy get-together, conversations around the campfire and time for yourself
  • Exclusive: Arrival and departure to Mountain Lodge Istria, trips to climbing/Motovun up to max. 20 min, if a change from Kompanj is desired

Bigwall & Portaledge I Luka Lindič

with Luka Lindič & Jasna Božić
1960 p.P.
  • 5 days bigwall & portaledge training
  • 1 night in the Portaledge
  • 5. - 11. October 2024

Overnight stay in a portaledge

Another highlight of the big wall climbing course is an overnight stay in a portaledge. You will not only be shown how to set it up, but also receive important tips from professionals that you can otherwise only learn through experience.

Your accommodation

Our Stone Lodge II is newly renovated and furnished with great attention to tradition and originality. It is located amidst the breathtaking scenery of the picturesque village of Kompanj in Istria. The gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze and the chorus of birds create a symphony of tranquillity that peacefully embraces this idyllic mountain experience.

4 bedrooms (2+2+2+2; sleeps 8), 3 bathrooms, a large eat-in kitchen, a seminar, yoga or lounge room.

Delicious local meals are prepared for you every day (breakfast, snacks, dinner). Vegetarian or vegan options are available on request.

Your trainers

Luka Lindič Alpinist Kletter

Luka Lindič

Luka Lindič, Slovenian climber and alpinist, has been fascinated by the mountains since he was a child. The modest mountaineer knew right from the start that he liked it hard and difficult in the mountains. Through meticulous and systematic training, he has built up a solid foundation that allows him to climb the toughest walls on earth.

Through his connection to nature, Luka is aware of the role that sustainability and an awareness of the environment play. This is also reflected in the Mountain Lodge Istria, which he and Ines Papert have renovated sustainably from the ground up with great attention to detail. He takes great pleasure in sharing his many years of knowledge with you.


is not only the good soul of the house but has also been climbing for 20 years. She is a qualified climbing and yoga instructor and is happy to help you wherever she can.

The mother of two is driven by self-development and daily mindfulness.

She enjoys sharing the craft she has learned to lead a balanced lifestyle with others.

Jasna_klettern in Istrien

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