We would like to sincerely thank all sponsors who support us in our project. Thanks to their help, we can make the stay of many climbers and adventurous guests at Mountain Lodge Istria even more enjoyable.

Some encounters don’t happen by chance. Doghammer immediately appealed to us with its sustainable footprint.

The hut shoes for our guests are a sensation and ensure a pleasant foot climate.

We have a long-standing friendship with the founder of DTL Licht, Alf Bergbauer.

Thanks to his professional lighting design and the Artluce lamps, our Mountain Lodge is comfortably lit even in the dark hours.

Lyo Food is the brand from Poland that is always with us on our expeditions.

Our guests can now enjoy their freeze-dried meals and delicious smoothies during our Experiences. We also have a close friendship with Lyo Food.

The climbing hardware manufacturer from Italy not only supports us as athletes but also fills our equipment storage, which our guests can use during our Events & Experiences. From climbing harnesses to ropes, everything is available at the Mountain Lodge.

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