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Friday, 26.04.2024

Mountain Lodge Istria – Team

Now that construction work is coming to an end, our minds can be creative and the magic can begin.

Stay tuned for exciting new projects that promise to redefine your holiday experience in Istria.

Here our Team

Luka Lindič & Ines Papert are the owners/founders.

Jasna Bozić Dušić is our general manager, yoga teacher, climbing instructor and friend.

Flo Czerny support us as a creative director/ content manager.

Mačka is our pet and hopefully gets treated well from our guests.










Saturday, 30.03.2024

New development of the ‘Krulčići’ Sector in Kompanj

Our friends, the VDBS climbing instructors, have opened up a completely new sector with easy routes in grade 5. So nothing stands in the way of ultimate climbing fun for the whole family in Kompanj.

The sector can be reached on foot in 15 minutes from the Mountain Lodge Istria and is located just to the right of the Olymp Sector. There are 5 new, well-protected routes, all in wonderful rock from 5a-5b. Now they have to be climbed so that the last dust disappears from the holds.

We had a lot of fun opening the routes, were well catered for by our friends ‘Ansteckend Gesund‘ and climbed a lot ourselves.

Mittwoch, 06.09.2023

On the home stretch

In Stonelodge II, construction work is slowly coming to an end. In the second half of 2024, we expect to open the doors to our guests.


During the last 3 years our large house was completely renovated and equipped with the highest quality building materials. For sustainable reasons, we have remained true to our principle of preserving the stock and using local materials / companies. The result can be seen.

The large glass front in the seminar/living room allows an unobstructed view of the rocks and the sunset of Istria. In the next step we will finish the floors, furnish the house and optimize the outdoor area for recreation.

We expect completion and the possibility of accommodation for 8 people in the fall of 2024.











Sunday 25.09.2022

Lowa and the Mountain Lodge Istria

A project like this here in Istria next to all our own climbing plans demands a lot of endurance. We have never regretted it and why this idea fascinated us so much, we tell in the new Lowa film.


The trigger for this little film was the birthday of probably the oldest and still the best Lowa shoe, the Renegade. We congratulate the classic and thank it for carrying so many people through nature over the past 25 years

Saturday, 01.01.2022

Climbing in Istria in winter 

The winter half of the year is by far the best time to go climbing in Istria. Most of the climbing walls in Istria are exposed to the south and therefore in the sun from morning to evening. The grip is usually sensational and the humidity is very low. 


Snowfalls are very rare in Istria. We captured this moment for you at the end of November and photographed the village of Kompanj and its rocks for you from the air. This place has become a second home for us. We wish you all a happy and healthy 2022 with many climbing adventures. We would like to thank our guests at Mountain Lodge Istria, who visited us in Kompanj last year. We look forward to seeing you again soon.










Monday, 20.12.2021

Update – Stone Lodge II

Finally the panorama window is complete and the glass panes installed. Just in time for the beginning of winter.


In the next few months we will travel to Alaska / Canada to take advantage of the icy temperatures there while climbing.

In summer it continues here on the construction site. Until then, have a good time and a great, eventful and healthy year 2022 from the entire team at Mountain Lodge Istria.

We wish our guests of STONE LODGE I a wonderful holiday in Kompanj.

Friday, 12.11.2021

Progress – Stone Lodge II update

We are making good progress with our main building and are very satisfied with the result. Our plan was to get Stone Lodge II closed before winter. What is still missing is the glass in the large panorama window in our seminar room, with the wonderful view of the rocks of Kompanj.


In addition to our own climbing projects on the walls of Kompanj, we have achieved a lot in the Mountain Lodge Istria in the last few weeks. Planning work for a further procedure and the coordination of our local craftsmen, whom we actively support in their work, keep us permanently busy. We are very happy to see our house grow. Unfortunately we have to reject booking requests for this house for the time being. The end of construction is only in sight in 2023. Refurbishing an old building takes time. We want to take this too, so that it becomes really nice and cozy for our guests









Tuesday, 14.09.2021

Crossing the Alps by bike

From Berchtesgaden to Mountain Lodge Istria

Ines and her friends Karin & Maxi were riding their mountain bikes from home in Bavaria to Kompanj in Istria within 5 days.


August 2021

The journey began in Bayerisch Gmain near Berchtesgaden, the home of the 3 women. The idea came to them spontaneously, but the plan was soon clear. On the first day they reached Bad Gastein via the Alpe Adria Bike Trail. Because of the heat wave the onward journey started earlier on the second day. In Böckstein they took the train through the tunnel to Mallnitz, but kept going riding their bikes via Villach to Tarvisio. There they spent the second night after a well-deserved pizza and on the third day they left the Alpe Adria Bike Trail to reach the beautiful Slovenian Soča Valley. On day 4 they entered Osp the home of a Slovenian climbing legend Silvo Karo, via Ajdovčina in the Vipava valley and Sezana. Their last day on the bike was the shortest. The descent from the mountain range above Buzet (Čićeria) to Roč gives tired legs a short break to gather strength for the small final ascent to Kompanj. The wonderful journey of the three girls ends in the Stone Lodge 1 of the Mountain Lodge Istria., 

We are happy to pass on our experiences and the exact travel route on request and offer you the opportunity to experience this trip on your own, but with our support. In Bayerisch Gmain you can rent our holiday apartment for 2 people to get fit for the adventure. After your arrival in Istria, our Stone Lodge 1 is available to you to end your holiday in a relaxed or active way. As a final highlight, we recommend you ride your bike to the highest peak of Istria. On top of Učka you will get rewarded which a gigantic 360° view over the Mediterranean Sea to the Julian Alps.

Wednesday, 20.01.2021

Construction progress – Stone Lodge II

Our local artisans work tirelessly on our main project. Only a few have mastered the art of the old handicraft. The traditional style gives our house a really now a very good atmosphere.










Thursday, 19.12.2020

Stone Lodge I

Ready for our guests

We are very proud to have completed our little house after 3 years of work. Our guests can finally visit us and enjoy Stone Lodge I as a basecamp for active holidays in Istria.


Wednesday, 04.11.2020

Work & Climb

Climbing in Kompanj is both – training and fun. Between the engagements on the construction site, we regularly take the opportunity to climb in Kompanj. Even if we often only have a few hours a day to climb, we can implement our training here very efficiently. Our favorite season for the rocks on the south face is now.










Saturday, 02.07.2020

Looking for the perfect location!

Nowhere else than on the rocks  of Kompanj do we experience such intense light conditions. The sunset is incredibly spectacular and invites you to take a walk above the walls even on a climbing-rast day.


Saturday, 06.12.2017

Since St. Nicholas day in 2017 we are the official owners

That with this day the snowstorm of the century sweeps over Istria and wraps everything in a white dress, is the irony of fate. We see it as a good sign. Ahead of us are years of planning and a life on the construction site. We are looking forward to it so much. 





Saturday, 15.07.2017

How it all started …

We fell in love with the area and the rocks of Istria on previous visits. The desire to build something that is available to us and the outdoor community as a base camp began to grow.

Without any specific goal, the climbers Luka Lindič and Ines Papert found two ruins in the small village of Krulčići just below the walls of Kompanj. Half a year later we became owners of two completely dilapidated stone houses. The journey took its course.

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